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  • Paolo's Bakery is an innovative local bakery committed to producing high quality, great tasting artisan breads and rolls.

  • We produce handcrafted, 100% natural sourdough products. No bakers yeast is used in any of our breads and we only use organic flour. The slow fermentation and unhurried ripening of our dough results in our breads having an exceptional texture and unique sour taste.

  • Paolo's began 6 years ago when Paul Triglau identified a gap in the bread market. Artisan breads were beginning to gain popularity and there was a shift in the market towards traditional bread baking methods, bread making and organic ingredients. Our sour is over 8 years old, we use only 100% organic flours sourced wherever possible from within South Australia and they are 100% yeast free.

  • Paul is a qualified baker and trade teacher with over 10 years experience. His passion is sourdoughs and high-end quality baked goods. He recently represented Australia in Italy in the World Baking and Pastry Cup and also has close networks within the industry both locally and internationally. He has worked overseas and draws inspiration from contemporary European trends.