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  • The art of leavening bread by natural sourdough has been practiced for thousands of years.

    Our early ancestors learned that by skillful and patient fermentation of flour, thriving cultures of micro-organisms could be induced to make dough rise. These 'sour' cultures could be used year after year to make bread that was not only unique in texture, due to the natural yeast, but delicious as well.

  • Paolo's 'sour culture' remains at the heart of our business and is fed twice each day with organic flour and filtered water which gives our bread such a wonderful flavour and texture.

  • With careful mixing, processing and a great deal of care and attention, our dough's are rested for 24 hours to enhance the sourdough development, creating bread with delicious taste, excellent keeping qualities and higher nutritional value. The application of ancient and traditional methods of bread making give the bread the characteristic 'blisters' on the crust which are distinctive to true sourdough loaves.

  • Paolo's is also proud of its commitment to sustainable business practices and commitment to food safety - we are both HACCP and organic certified.

  • With the growing demand for our products, we have sourced and incorporated modern equipment specifically designed for artisan bread making. This, together with our adherence to time honoured baking practices and strict policy of employing skilled bakers, which we then train to meet our high standards, has enabled the business to grow without compromising the unique flavour and character of our products.

  • Sourdough tends to have a more appealing flavour, texture and aroma as the acids produced by the lactobacilli in the sour also provide the loaf with superior keeping qualities.

    As well as the improved taste
    and aroma, there are also numerous health benefits derived from eating organic sourdough's, such as: -

    • Sourdough is easier to digest and allows better absorption of nutrients.
    • Sourdough contains beneficial bacteria including lactic and acetic acids, which help maintain a healthy micro flora balance in the stomach.
    • Sourdough is much gentler on the stomach than commercial baker's yeast, which can cause a culture imbalance in the stomach.
    • Commercial baker's yeast is also thought to exacerbate yeast infections in women.
    • Organic flour is ground at
      a lower temperature ensuring nutritional properties are kept
      in tact.
    • Organic flours come from fields in which no chemicals or pesticides are used.